Why You should Invest in LBRY Credits Today & How to Get Some FREE LBRY Credits!

This is a Great time to invest in LBRY Credits!

The current price of LBRY Credits is at:

It may go up very soon! The sooner the new launch of LBRY Credits new video platform comes out (very similar to Youtube), you guys will see a Huge Increase in price! So the time to get in for either Investors or Traders is NOW!

Take a look at LBRY’s new Video Platform

As you can see it resembles Youtube’s current video sharing platform. Now imagine once this new platform goes mainstream it has huge potential to not only compete with Youtube but may surpass YouTube one day as well, do to YouTube outrages restrictions and constant video take downs. Since LBRY is on the Blockchain the sky is the limit and not to mention NO restrictions for all those sharing content!

Right Now LBRY is having a promotion for early subscribers to their email list. If you simply sign up for their email list they will provide you with a referral link you can share with your followers on social media and website. And for each confirmed registered subscriber you happen to get, LBRY will provide you with FREE 2.5 LBRY Credits.  The more LBRYians you refer, the sooner you’ll be granted access and the more credits you’ll earn (according to their site).

This is a win win for all who simply register for their email list.

If you would like to learn more about this Program you can visit LBRY by Clicking Here.