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With the unprecedented rise of Bitcoin and the increasing number of people trading this new currency it’s now an obligation for serious stores to accept bitcoins. WooCommerce Bitcoin Payments crafted with care brings this feature just for your WooCommerce store. With an easy 5 minutes setup you’re ready to take your customer’s bitcoins in your own wallet. Indeed, the intuitive settings that comes with clear explanations make it easy even for grandma to go to production without concerns. Just focus on your core business and let this plugin do the heavy lifting for you.

Order Address Creation

Each order requires its own bitcoin address to track and validate payments. The plugin takes care of generating unique receiving bitcoin address for orders.


Receive Payments to Your Own Wallet

All payments are automatically forwarded to your own configurable bitcoin address.


Automatic Conversion

Whatever currency your store is using, amounts are automatically converted to Bitcoin. The plugin takes care of the conversion using your selected exchange service. We’re also available to add any new exchange integration!

Configurable Exchange Rate Source

Controls where the plugin takes its rates from. Available: Blockchain.info, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Google Finance, Coindesk and BTC-E.


QR Code

Let you customer easily send you payments with automatically generated QR codes and configurable sizes.



Instant Notification.

Payment notifications appears on your order page for reference. Events include: payment sent but not confirmed, payment confirmed, payment forwarded to your store bitcoin address.


Logging Activity

Logs allows you to track everything happening behind the scene and easily find issues when they occur.

Translation Ready

Find it super easy to translate the plugin for use in the language of your choice. French translation included.

Automatic Payment Validation

The plugin frees you for the pain of checking the bitcoins you get is really for you. All you do is set your confirmations threshold and the plugin ensures you ship orders only when payment are confirmed. You’ll never get screwed again!


Extra Fees

You can add extra fees the customer pays when choosing Bitcoin as a payment method. This fee may cover the fee you pays for forwarding payments.


Dynamic Restrictions.

Define specific combinations from 10+ factors for Bitcoin to be available to customers. Maybe you wants bitcoin payments only on some products or for targeted locations ? We’ve got you covered about this!


Free SSL

Because we’re talking about payment and we take care of your security. We’re giving free SSL setup (requirement: VPS or dedicated server running under Ubuntu).

Support 24/7

We’re available and happy to help you about any inquiry you may have whatever your need is (as far as it relates to this plugin).

Universal Theme Compatibility

The checkout instructions which include payment details and QR code will work on any theme compatible with WooCommerce. If you want to go further and customize its layout, we’ve made it easy for you (or your designer) to override the checkout instructions layout. Simple instructions are available in the documentation!

No Restriction on Products

This plugin allows to accept bitcoins for anything you want to sell. Of course, you have to meet your country laws.

Code Quality

We’re committed not only to sell items but also provide quality source codes following standards and common best practices and principles.

Developer friendly

we’ve added several hooks and filters for your developer to integrate the plugin as you want. Only sky is the limit!

WooCommerce 3+ Ready

The plugin was tested for WooCommerce versions prior to WooCommerce 3.0.0 as well as most recent versions!

Automatic Lifetime Update – Free of charge

Our API take cares of regularly checking for updates and install them without any effort from you. Just focus on your business and let it deal with the rest!

Regular Update

We keep the plugin up-to-date on a weekly basis to provide more features and enforce security. We’re also open to receive your ideas, feel free to request new features and we might consider implementation for next releases.

Thank-you for your interest in WooCommerce Bitcoin Payments


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