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Simplicity and ease
of Trading
For your convenience we have created a trading platform where placing an order is simple and quick. You will always be informed of the latest changes to the cryptocurrency market.
Reliable protection
of funds
To protect your funds we use a cold storage system. You may also restrict access to your account by using GoogleAuthenticator system and a white list of IP addresses.
Quick deposit and withdrawal
We work with different payment systems, credit cards, bank-wires and e-payments. Rates start from 0%!
Affiliate program
Earn with us! Offer favorable terms to your customers and make a profit! We give you the opportunity to choose your rate of reward.

Bitcoin is the first fully decentralized digital Peer-to-Peer currency.

Bitcoin’s price is based on trust, formed exclusively by supply and demand and is not tied to any other currency or asset.

Unlike fiat money, Bitcoin has no institutions (central bank or state) which could seek to provide a certain level of liquidity, oblige itself and/or others to accept payment in bitcoins or artificially reduce purchasing power by issuing more of it.
Bitcoin is electronic cash, not a debt obligation of the issuer, which distinguishes it from traditional electronic cash and non-cash payments.

Today Bitcoin is accepted as a payment method by thousands of stores and services, including Shopify, Gyft, Zynga, Overstock and many others.

Bitcoin allows you to shop quickly, gainfully and with negligible fees.

You won’t have to fill in multiple fields when paying for goods.
All payments are executed in one click and are exceptionally fast.
Cryptocurrencies can’t be stolen or frozen.
You hold a private key and without access to it, no one can take away your funds.
Payment is made directly to the seller, bypassing intermediaries.
Everything looks the same as when you pay by cash.
Bitcoin provides an opportunity to increase your capital by using a secure virtual currency.
This is your opportunity to be among those who make money from new technological solutions before they become mainstream – to be among those who capitalize on information and earn from it.
Bitcoin provides an opportunity to save on shopping worldwide, avoiding significant commissions and difficulties with payments where you’re forced to entrust online services with the safekeeping of sensitive personal and financial information. Payment is sent directly to the seller’s account, bypassing various accounts and third-party systems.
Bitcoin provides absolute privacy, because all operations with cryptocurrency are anonymous.
Bitcoin provides safety and security for your savings. Cryptocurrencies can’t be stolen like cash or frozen like electronic money or a bank account. The funds can only be accessed using the private key.
Bitcoin is a great way to invest, because these cryptocurrencies are still at the beginning of their conquest of the planet. Their rates can’t be crashed by additional emission, because the system is decentralized, which means that cryptocurrencies’ rates will only grow as time goes on.
A great number of traders all over the world choose bitcoin for trading at exchanges.
Bitcoin has volatility, liquidity and other financial and economic indicators, as with fiat funds. After taking its place in the world currency market, Bitcoin trade is now carried out at most of the major financial markets, including our own.

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