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Ceto Beto Got to Catch Them All – Bitcoin Game


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How to Play?

You can switch your Beto from First 2 Betos are available for free.

Pikachu will be always available, in beside of chosen Beto.
Pikachu helps to Charge energy and increase your score.
You may ask Pikachu to recharge energy every 20 minutes,
however this is Optional command if you wish to increase your score faster.

By this time, you can claim generated energy from chosen Beto to keep your score rising.
Remember to collect energy from chosen Beto at least once a day, this is needed to improve your score in game.

At this point, and when you collect generated energy, you will get chance to win Foods or Poki Balls.

Feed your Beto to get your Beto stronger and healthy.
When your Beto health is good enough, you will be able to do Attacks and win extra bonus.

Poki Balls are useful to Catch new Betos from to improve your score better.
You win Poki Balls by chance, and you always have a chance to win 3 Poki Balls daily.

CetoBeto Tips

Keep your eyes at your Beto!
If you find “Jessie” and “James” just kick them away.
This tip helps to improve your score too!

Also it is good to keep your eyes at beach of Island.
When you find Fish or Waves, catch them to win foods!


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