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A New Internet for Decentralized Apps

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Blockstack is a new decentralized internet where users own their data and apps run locally. A browser portal is all that’s needed to get started.

The Old Internet is Broken

Mass Data Breaches

Traditional apps store user data in massive data silos. This results in high value targets just waiting to be breached. With a single app, confidence in the safety of your data requires blind trust in dozens of companies.

Insecure Connections

With traditional apps, a secure connection is far from a certainty. Domain names and website certificates are vulnerable to compromise. Reliance on 3rd party servers and many trusted services makes us less safe.

Platform Lock-in

With traditional apps, the digital keys to identity and authentication are owned by large monopoly platforms. Users and developers are locked in and restrictions are placed on innovation.

The New Internet is Here

Own Your Data

With Blockstack apps you truly own your data. It’s kept on your device and encrypted before backed up in the cloud. This removes the need for blind trust in 3rd parties and makes it easier to keep your data safe.

Own Your Apps

Blockstack apps put you in control of your software. Apps are loaded via a secure domain name system and live on your devices. Independence from 3rd parties makes you more safe.

Own Your Identity

With Blockstack apps you own your identity. Your digital keys are seamlessly generated and kept on your device. This lets you move freely between apps and control your online experience.

A Full Stack for Decentralized Apps


With Blockstack, users get digital keys that let them own their identity. They sign in to apps locally without remote servers or identity providers.


Blockstack’s storage system allows users to bring their own storage providers and control their data. Data is encrypted and easily shared between applications.


Blockstack uses Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies for simple peer-to-peer payments. Developers can charge for downloads, subscriptions, and more.


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