AntMiner S9 (BITMAIN) Try before you buy 24HR Mining Contract!


$45.00 (as of October 10, 2017, 8:45 pm)

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FREE phone consultation (up to 15 minutes) is included with the purchase of this  24 HOUR mining contract, profits are paid directly to your wallet!!
During this free phone call (if you want to take advantage of it), I will personally assist you with:
Finding a mining pool of your choice (I can provide recommendations)
Walk you through creating a worker in your pool account
Show you how to create a bitcoin wallet if you do not already have one
Show  you how to point the pool payout address to your wallet
Advise on how to set up antminers. 
With any remaining time I will be happy to teach you anything you want to know, such as trading and charting tips, technical inidcators or anything else you want to know!

The AntMiner S9  (by Bitmain) only mines coins that utilize the SHA256 algo (currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Digibyte, Peercoin, etc)

To recap, this is for the purchase of a 24 hour mining contract on an AntMiner S9 which will be configured to mine coin of your choice, on the pool of your choice, and with profits paid directly to your wallet.  This also includes up to 15 mins of free phone consultation in the topics of your choosing.
I have been mining Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies / digital assets since 2008, benefit from my extensive experience and expertise in the world of crypto currency mining and trading! I will advise on how to setup AntMiners, how to determine the most profitable coins to mine, charting / trading tips and more!

Terms and conditions:
You are buying  a ‘SHA256 mining contract’ @ for ONE day (24 hrs) @ ~13.5 TH/s
Note: the hashrate shown on the pool may be lower (or higher) and may vary slightly during the mining contract period, this is normal.
The hashrate is guaranteed to be 13.5TH/s (+/-10%) as reported by the hashrate monitor in the Antminer.
Profitability is not guaranteed nor implied
Buyer must provide worker name, and password at checkout, along the pool stratum URL,  for example: stratum+tcp://us-east.stratum.slushpool.com:3333
Once I receieve your payment, I will send you my phone number and invite you to call me for your free consultation. In addition, I will provide a confirmation message stating the date and time the that the mining contract will begin.
The pool hashrate or availability can not be guaranteed, but I can guarantee that the the AntMiner runs at 13.5TH/s (+/-10%) continually for the term of the contract.
Any mining time lost due to power loss of Internet connectivity issues will be compensated on a pro-rata basis and refunded.