How To Get 5 Free LATIUM Daily!

What’s Next for Labium

Latium is embracing Ethereum and developing a revolutionary microtasking and crowdfunding platform.

Ethereum Transition

Latium will be evolving into the Ethereum Blockchain Network. Our developers strongly believe in the future of Ethereum.

Accessible Cryptocurrency

Latium is the only Cryptocurrency that does not require mining or purchase. Just download the wallet and tweet.

Upcoming ICO

Latium will host an ICO where held Latium coins can be exchanged for LAT Ethereum Tokens. Any held Latium coins will be given purchase priority in the ICO.

Revolutionary Platform

The Latium Platform will facilitate a paradigm shift in how we think of labor, fundraising and internal economy.

Step 1: Download the Latium Wallet

Download the Latium Wallet and be sure to identify your Wallet Address.

Or get a wallet address now. Click Here

Step 2: Post a Tweet

Once you have identified your Latium Wallet Address you must copy the address, click the Tweet button, insert the address into the area that says “INSERT WALLET ADDRESS” and post a tweet.

You must have your wallet address in the tweet in order to receive your coins!You can tweet once every 24 hours in order to receive an additional 5 FREE coins!

Tweet Now And Get 5 Coins

Step 3: Get Paid!

Your Latium will be sent directly to your wallet. You should see them arrive within 15 minutes.


Latium is based on Proof of Stake instead of Proof of Work. No mining is required to maintain the network. Every person that holds Latium is able to place coins at stake and is paid interest for doing so. This dramatically reduces the resources required to maintain the network.


Latium uses Proof of Stake (PoS) instead of the typical Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm. PoS pays interest every time a user mints a block. All users holding Latium in their wallet have the ability to mint. All a user has to do to earn interest is have their Latium wallet open and connected to the network. Proof of Stake will earn Latium users 5% APR for all Latium staked. The main advantages of PoS are lower resource consumption, fairer distribution of new coins, and no special hardware requirements. Proof of stake also reduces the inecentive for malicious attacks. For a more detailed understanding of PoS please click here.


Because Latium does not allow mining, we require a mechanism to both validate the network and create new coins (similar to mining). Latium accomplished this by implementing inflation and using this inflation to pay interest to any user that mints a block. In return for keeping your wallet (node) open for staking, the owner is rewarded with new Latium coins. Currently, proof of stake will earn Latium users 5% APR for all Latium staked. To put it simply, any user who holds Latium can gain interest on the coins they hold. The interest rate will change over time to compensate for coins in circulation.


Coin Symbol LAT
Block Time 150 Seconds
Coinstake Maturity 48 Blocks
Interest Rate 5%
Transaction Fee .01 LAT
Minimum Stake age 6 Hours
Block Explorer Click here
Difficulty Charts Click here
Transparency Metrics Click here
Coins In Circulation 986,518.55 LAT

Strategic Coin Generation

The Latium developers decided to create over 100,000,000,000 coins to reduce the threat of a 51% ownership takeover. Coin creation and distribution metrics can be seen here.

Most Widely Distributed Coin

The first 1,000,000 Latium coins were distributed to over 100,000 individual wallet holders. This balanced distribution makes Latium the most evenly distributed cryptocurrency coin in circulation.