Frequently Asked Questions

What is is an affiliated base website focusing in providing our visitors with the best deals in Bitcoin products and services, all in one platform. Making it very convenient for our customers. We also provide our products at a discounted price along with deals, coupons and freebies we find online that can be found exclusively on There is no need in searching online for the best deals on Bitcoin products and services as we do the research for you and have it all categories for simplicity.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a global, decentralized, digital currency that allows you to send any amount of money to anyone in the world, instantly, with low or no transaction fees. BTC is the first implementation of blockchain technology, which is a distributed ledger technology. The creator(s) of bitcoin are the first to solve the problem of digital scarcity so that transactions on a digital ledger cannot be counterfeited or forged.

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What Payment Methods do you accept?

We accept Bitcoin through, along with PayPal payment.

Get 20% OFF at checkout when you pay using Cryptocurrency, we also accept DASH, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Vertcoin, Vericoin, Peercoin, Steem & Steem Dollars.

How Do I Buy Bitcoin?

You can find all the sites we recommend where you can easily and affordable purchase Bitcoin and other cryptoccurrencies by visiting our Buy & Sell Bitcoin Page.

How Should I Contact You if I Have Any Queries?

You can contact us and by visiting our Contact page. You can also find our full About us details here.

Do I Need an Account to Place an Order?

You are not obligated to open an account with us to submit an order. You can submit and checkout as a guest if you wish. However our affiliate websites we sponsor may want you to register on their website to submit a purchase. So you may want to check with them first before submitting an order outside of

How long does it take to ship and where can I track my package?

We personally don’t ship items out of our location. All items sold on our site are shipped from our Affiliated sponsored websites. You may want to check on their site for full shipping information and tracking details.

How Can I Advertise My Cryptocurrency Related Website on

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