Ron Paul Admonishes Fed, Comes out Against Crypto Taxes in New Blog Post

Ron Paul

Former US Congressman Ron Paul believes that tax-free cryptocurrencies might assist navigate the financial system previous recession. Paul, the consummate libertarian and everlasting critic of the Federal Reserve, believes that the abolition of crypto taxes might assist keep away from a disaster just like 2008’s recession.

On Monday, Ron Paul launched a weblog put up by way of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity entitled, “Trump Is Right, the Fed is Crazy.” Paul, echoing Donald Trump, lambasted the Fed’s elevated rates of interest as “crazy.” In reality, Paul even harkened to the definition of madness as doing the identical factor again and again whereas anticipating one thing new to occur:

Trusting the Federal Reserve to provide everlasting prosperity as a substitute of a boom-and-bust cycle is a textbook instance of a well-liked definition of madness being repeating the identical motion in hope of getting totally different outcomes.

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Paul’s resolution is a invoice referred to as —fairly unsurprisingly — “Audit the Fed.” For years, Paul’s name to audit the Federal Reserve has constituted an integral a part of his libertarian platform. In the weblog put up, Paul notes that “It is likely that the next Fed-created recession will come sooner rather than later. This could be the major catastrophe that leads to the end of fiat currency.”

Paul’s resolution is to coerce Congress into finish the unreasonable craziness that he finds so evident. He says the invoice is significant to this motion and requires treasured metals and crypto to be exempt from taxes:

 The solely option to keep away from disaster is to pressure Congress to finish our financial insanity. The first steps are passing the Audit the Fed invoice, permitting individuals to make use of different currencies, and exempting all transactions in treasured metals and cryptocurrencies from capital beneficial properties taxes and different taxes.

Paul was seemingly born critiquing the Fed’s insurance policies. He included the stance into his run for presidential workplace in 2012 on the Libertarian Ticket. Just at this time, he fired one other shot on the Fed by way of his Twitter account, highlighting the Fed’s position in energy, conflict, and dependency:

Paul’s libertarianism resonates with many in crypto group, championing each the decentralization of financial energy, and a powerful skepticism in the direction of the fiat financial system. His name for tax exemption of treasured metals, gold, and crypto can be bolstered by his perception that, when fiat currency is unavailable or undesirable, these shops of worth reign supreme: “A stable currency ensures that prices accurately convey the true value of goods and services.”

Would you assist Ron Paul’s “Audit the Fed” invoice? Do you consider abolishing crypto taxes might stop one other recession? Let us know your ideas within the feedback beneath!

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